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PSYCH-K® is a simple, powerful, and verifiable process to re-write self-limiting beliefs at the subconscious level to allow access to your full potential, and empower you to create the change you truly want in your life.

Originated by Rob Williams* in 1998, PSYCH-K emerged as a series of insights based on years of research and experience, and has proven successful for over 26 years. Neuroscience research shows that PSYCH-K creates a Whole-Brain state which builds a direct communication with the subconscious mind making high-speed mindset change possible. 

The Facilitator works WITH the Partner (client). The Facilitator, facilitates the process, and assists the Partner to unlock and activate his/her inner power to achieve what is wanted. PSYCH-K is a unique process that honors the wisdom of the Partner.


* Robert M. Williams, President of Myrddin Corporation, and Director of PSYCH-K® Centre International - 

 What does P SYCH-K stand for? - Interview with Rob Willliams, originator of PSYCH-K®


Follow this link to listen to Dr. Bruce Lipton: 

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